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Secluded amidst the lush garden and sheltered with an array of hardwoods are two 3-6 ft-deep clean swimming pools ideal for diving lessons. A kiddie pool that creates a visual effect of boundless...


Escape from life’s bustle with our traditional massage at The Buzzz Spa. With spa rooms cradled on the edge of a cliffside where you can have a clear view of the sea, deep relaxation and rejuvenat...

Sun Deck

Sun Bathing and Lounging Area at the Cliff

Our lounging area at the cliff reveals a scenic bluish green ocean covering a combination of coral rocks and sand seabed. Feel the breeze. Get sun-kissed....


Taking great pride in their artistry and teamwork, we get our workers involved in producing souvenir items for the Buzzz Shop, offering a range of locally-made and organic treats from arts and cra...

The Bee Baker

Striving to serve you with healthy and delectable options, we mix organic ingredients with our home-grown vegetables to come up with freshly-baked breads, muffins, and pastries

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