Where We Are Headed

As you will see on your tour of the Farm and shop, the bakery is going strong and has added muffins and other delights to their fresh out of the oven products.

She started by living in a tree house on the farm property, spending 3 months soaking up the unique environment and how the nature around her worked for this location

The popularity of the both the ice creams, baked goods and other organic products created the Buzzz Cafes that continue to grow throughout the Visayas. Now, even in the hustle and bustle of Tagbilaran and Cebu, you can relax and experience a little moment of the Bohol Bee Farm in each Buzzz Cafe

The business and the hotel has changed a lot since its establishment in 2002

Regular visitors will see that both the hotel and farm constantly change, making each visit a new experience as there is always something new to experience or see.

With the restaurant having unsurpassed views across the ocean, with Pamilacan in the distance, it is a very enjoyable location to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner